Irish Language Policy

This policy relates to:

The entire college and the college community. Rationale Gaelholáiste Chomáin is an All-Irish college.


• To ensure that the college will function through the medium of Irish.
• To encourage accuracy and fluency in Irish in order to ensure a high linguistic standard in the college.
• To promote the development of the Irish language and Irish culture both within and outside the college.
• To instil an understanding of, and a respect for the Irish language in the students and in the entire college community.


• All activities in Gaelcholáiste Chomáin are conducted through the medium of Irish.
• Efforts will be made to promote the Irish culture through student participation in musical groups, dancing, drama, debates and other Irish activities.
• Teachers in the college must be both competent and willing to teach effectively through the medium of Irish.

Implementation and Evaluation:

• The Irish Language Rule will be implemented and encouraged by Staff.
• Competency in Irish and a willingness to speak Irish will be taken into consideration when teachers and staff members are being appointed to the college. • Interviews for posts in Gaelcholáiste Chomáin can be conducted through Irish.
• Each member of staff will be made aware of the Irish Language Policy.
• Students will be commended for showing enthusiasm and loyalty to the Irish language.
• Senior classes will be encouraged to set a good example to the junior classes.
• Students will be reminded regularly of the importance of the Irish Language.
• A process is in the Code of Conduct for students who fail to abide by the Irish Language Rule. Students who are not fluent in the Irish language will be given extra help and support.

The principal, teachers and students will monitor the policy regularly.
The Board of Management, Parents’ Committee and parents will support the policy.