Homework Policy and Homework Diary

The policy applies 

Students, principals, teachers, parents, college support staff. 

To ensure continuity of work so that best is development by college students. 


• To fully understand the student's work day.

• That the students' practice of going back to work day. 

• That the experience to answer questions as will examination papers.

• find more information. 

• To develop research skills in students. 

• That feedback by students / parents from the teacher on the quality of learning. 


Emphasis on homework in college is part of the student's educational development. 
Homework is represented by any written work, learning or research given by the teacher to do outside school time. 

• All students must be given the official journal of his / her own, where they need to write data on daily homework. 

• Parents should be sure that the homework is done each night and sign the diary for students.

• If homework is not done the necessary page in the diary signed by parent / guardian. 

• Excuse will not be accepted such as that of left copies / books at home. 

• If a student is involved in school extra curricular activities it is incumbent on them to get the homework and do it. 

• Student without homework often will not be allowed to participate in events extra curricular.

Implementation and monitoring  

• Teacher monitors homework as part of their normal teaching.

• Quality of work will be discussed at parent/ teachers meetings. 

• Teachers will record the assessment of homework. 

• A reference to the quality of the homework will be reported upon each term