Support Services


The support services available for Students and Parents in Gaelcholáiste Chomáin are:

  • Home School Community Liaison Officer
  • School Completion Programme
  • Care Team
  • Special Educational Needs
  • Student/Parental Language Support

Home School Community Liaison Officer Aims

The aims of the liaison scheme are:

  • To maximise the participation of the children in the learning process, in particular those who might be at risk of failure.
  • To promote active co-operation between home, school and relevant community agencies in promoting the educational interests of the children.
  • To raise awareness in parents of their own capacities to enhance their children's educational progress and to assist them in developing relevant skills.
  • To enhance the children's uptake from education, their retention in the educational system, their continuation to post-compulsory education and to third level and their attitudes to life-long learning.
  • To disseminate the positive outcomes of the scheme throughout the school system generally.

School Completion Programme

The Programme is a Department of Education and Science Initiative that aims to have a positive impact on levels of pupil retention in school and on the number of students who successfully complete the Senior Cycle, or equivalent. The project works with seven schools in the North Mayo area and offers In-School, After-School, Out-of School and Holiday Support. Here are the programmes on offer to the students of Gaelcholáiste Chomáin.

Individual Support

One day a week Gaelcholáiste Chomáin has access to one of the SCP Project Workers. She is available to meet with students to support them around any difficulties that might arise for them which may be inhibiting them from reaching their full potential or effectively participating in school. The Project Worker provides support around attendance, homework, behaviour, self-esteem, social skills and personal development.


School Completion Programme have access to Counsellors who can meet with and talk to students when difficulties arise for them that they need extra support with.

Extra Tuition

Where students need that bit of extra academic support to help them reach their full potential extra tuition can be provided through SCP. Sometimes that one-to-one or small group tuition can make all the difference to a student increasing their confidence in the classroom giving them the support they need to complete a task or sit an exam. Typically the support focuses on numeracy and literacy however extra tuition can also be provided in other subjects depending on the needs of each individual student.

Study Skills

The programme introduces various methods and strategies to assist with the organisation and management of each student’s own study in preparation for exams. Techniques such as mind mapping, memory techniques and learning styles are transferred as practical strategies students can employ to help them study and in turn help them to achieve their best in their Leaving Certificate.

Summer Camp

Each year incoming first years are invited to participate in aSummer Camp in the school during the month of August. We find this camp very beneficial in terms of easing the transition for students from Primary to Post-Primary school. Students get the chance to bond with their peers in an informal setting before they officially start school. That ‘first day’ can be a daunting prospect for some students The camp incorporates a mixture of educational, linguistic and recreational activities such as cookery, sport, games, quizzes, arts and crafts and team building exercises.

Care Team

The school care team meets weekly to discuss the individual needs and requirements of the students as they arise. The Care Team reviews previous referrals to ensure that the needs of the students have been followed up on and addressed accordingly, while given due regard to legislative policy on child welfare issues.  The Care Team consists of:

  • Principal
  • Career Guidance Teacher
  • HSCL officer
  • JCSP co-ordinator
  • SCP project worker

Special Educational Needs

Gaelcholáiste Chomáin commits itself fully to the inclusion of all students with special educational needs as well as general learning needs, it is noted prior to enrolling to parents that the medium of instruction in Gaelcholáiste Chomáin is Irish and it is a requirement that all students have a fluency or will be able to successfully build a fluency upon completing a four month total immersion programme. The values in the school’s mission statement Gaelcholáiste Chomáin sees itself as a community in which a framework exists to accommodate and celebrate the differences between individuals.

Student/Parental Language Support

Gaelcholáiste Chomáin encourages parents all the time to support their children and the school educational programme. We encourage parents to take an active role in their child’s education.  The school will run after school Irish classes for parents to assist with improving their Irish. Additional classes may be provided to students who feel they need support in obtaining full fluency in the Irish language.