Home Economics Kitchen

Gaelcholáiste Chomáin has a modern Home Economics kitchen.
The Home Economics kitchen is fully equipped with all modern appliances and provision is made annually to upgrade / replace equipment where necessary.

Home Economics is an option at Junior Cycle. At Senior Cycle students have the opportunity to study Home Economics Social and Scientific.

With Leaving Cert students required to undertake five practical coursework assignments and Junior Cert students required to undertake a food studies exam the Home Economics kitchen is very well utilised. Junior Cert students also complete their Design / Craftwork option. 

Home Economics as a subject continues to be a very popular option and many students proceed to further study in the related fields of Food Science and Health, Nutritional Science , Food Technology and Dietetics to mention but a few.

Home Economics Kitchen

The Junior Certificate Exam

In the Junior Certificate, the Home Economics exam is divided into three parts.

Part 1: Coursework – with the help of your teacher you will choose from doing a project in childcare or make and design your own craft. The Childcare project looks at the growth and development of a child from in the womb right to up being a teenager like you. The other option is to make your own design and craft. Here you can make anything from a cushion to a baby blanket to a gift like a handbag to a child’s toy. Don’t worry the teacher is there to help you every step of the way. This project is worth 15% of your overall marks.

Part 2: The Practical Cooking Exam – In this part you will prepare, cook and serve a dish of your choice and present it to the examiner. The exam lasts one and a half hours and is worth between 35% - 45% depending if you are doing higher or ordinary level. You will be learning how to cook over the three years so the exam should be a piece of cake!

Part 3: Written Examination – This part is completed in June with the other Junior Cert exams. You decide with the help of your teacher what level you want to do. It is made up of questions in topics you have studied over the three years.

The Leaving Certificate Home Economics (Social and Scientific) Exam

1.  Written Exam paper – 80%

The written examination consists of three sections:

Section A 

12 short questions – Students answer 10.  These deal mainly with all the core areas of practice. (60 marks allocated)

Section B 

5 questions - Students are to answer Question 1 (Food Science and Nutrition) and any other 2 questions (from the other Core Areas).  (180 marks allocated)

Section C 

3 questions - Students are to answer 1. Elective question, based on which Elective was chosen to do in class.  (80 marks allocated)

2.  Practical Coursework  - 20%
This is worth 20% of the final mark; this is submitted in journal form earlier in the Leaving Certificate year.